Technical Product Line

In addition to our security and technical services, The Ascendancy Group provides specialized technology solutions to help protect our clients’ proprietary information, data and IT resources.

Digital Drawbridge


Digital Drawbridge is a proprietary US sourced and manufactured hardware-based encryption device that connects devices – mobile or otherwise – with a secure connection. It is a hardware-based virtual private network that ensures secure AES 256 encrypted access to sensitive data with a controlled tunnel that connects remote devices to your system even over a public network. Two configurations are available: Wi-Fi only and a Dual Wi-Fi/Ethernet.

Digital Drawbridge will sit within your private cloud infrastructure, serving numerous applications including video teleconferencing (VTC), a private app store (that allows you to host and manage your own customized applications), email, voice over internet protocol (VOIP), or remote desktop devices, all tailored specifically to your needs. Through your partnership with The Ascendancy Group, all functions, security, and features will be under your control throughout development, production, deployment, and support cycles.

Digital Delete


Digital Delete USB and Digital Delete USB+ look and act like a regular USB flash drive. But their special features protect proprietary information, trade secrets, classified data, HIPAA-protected medical data, banking info, and any other sensitive files. With the touch of a button, Digital Delete leaves zero trace of your private data. Using Digital Delete’s secure erase function completely deletes and overwrites all data that was ever on the drive. It’s the best way to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Deleting a file or formatting a USB drive does not actually erase your information, it still exists in unallocated memory. The only way to securely erase all your data is Digital Delete. Our customers want to know that when they erase something, it is truly gone forever. Only Digital Delete provides this assurance. Otherwise, anyone with a simple hex editor can read your data and rebuild the file.

Several software programs on the market claim to “shred” your unallocated memory, but these techniques can’t guarantee complete erasure. Digital Delete erases all data forever. Digital Delete USB+ includes an internal battery, so data can be erased even when it’s not connected to a PC.

Digital DataVault


Digital DataVault is the only patented (US 2013/0091589 A1) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Security Agency (NSA) Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL-4) Certified multi domain secure computer system (MDCS) on the market today. Digital DataVault allows secure and controlled access to three security domains simultaneously (UNCLASS through TS/SCI). It can be configured to operate as a Thin or Zero based computer or as a full, high performance workstation.

Custom Configurations: TAG will customize the configuration for any computer to include providing different configurations in each of the three domains. The customer may specify a variety of I/0 configurations for video, USB, COM ports, and NICs. TAG uses industrial components in all critical areas of our computers to ensure the highest MTBF rates in the industry. All cabling is custom made to ensure secure connections and quality throughput.