Government Services

A Proven Performance

The Ascendancy Group (TAG) is a proven performer, providing support to U.S. Government missions in austere environments across the globe. We are trusted to professionally, and discretely, assist in solving complex problems for government entities.


Test and Evaluation (T&E)

Life does not take place in a laboratory, which is why so many seemingly good ideas and technical capabilities fail in real world scenarios. TAG personnel understand the problems that occur in high stress environments and translate these experiences into greater capabilities for the war-fighter.


Research and Development (R&D)

TAG has established contacts in the Operational and Technical fields which makes us the ideal primary partner in your R&D efforts. We can assist you from the preliminary investigative activities, through a product/process improvement cycle or the development of completely new products and procedures.


Counter Narcotics (CN)

TAG SMEs are experienced in shaping strategic level US Government drug control policy, conducting successful long-term undercover operations, establishing CN focused programs and coordinating partner nation operations.


Undercover (UC) Operations

TAG personnel have conducted long-term UC operations and were directly involved with the design, development and delivery of a Federal Law Enforcement Advanced Undercover Operative course attended by Special Agents, state and local Task Force Officers and U.S. Military personnel.


Information Operations

TAG personnel are well versed in Joint Information Operations Doctrine and can provide specific examples of successfully planned and executed operations with measures of effectiveness.


Tagging, Tracking, Locating (TTL)

TAG specialists have managed cradle-to-grave TTL programs to include drafting, staffing and execution of TTL enabled concepts of operation (CONOPS).


Financial Investigations

As former Special Agents with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and previously the U.S. Customs Service, TAG personnel have decades of experience tracking illicit financial flows. We are experienced in conducting a broad array of investigations from money laundering to terrorist financing to trade-based fraud.


Counter Proliferation and Export Compliance

TAG personnel have been on the forefront of counter proliferation and export compliance investigations since the 1990’s and conducted some of the most complex investigations targeting our national security.


Global Customs and Border Control Operations

TAG professionals have served as both criminal investigators (Special Agents) and inspectors with the legacy U.S. Customs Service - now Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and are intimately familiar with port operations to include both cargo and passenger processing.


Supply Chain Management Operations

At TAG, we understand every segment of supply chain management since each segment can be a component in contraband smuggling or other illicit activity. In the performance of their jobs as Customs Agents, TAG personnel have worked with Customhouse Brokers, Foreign Freight Forwarders, Bonded Carriers and Bonded Cargo facilities.



The Ascendancy Group can provide training in all areas of our expertise. The Ascendancy Group has a Virginia Beach, VA based training site for classroom education or TAG will travel to your location or location of your choice. We can conduct real world scenario based and/or tactical training at full range facilities located in Texas and New Mexico.