Team TAG

We are a growing company always seeking individuals with expert Military, Intelligence Community or Federal Law Enforcement experience. We welcome career inquiries, regardless of background, from those persons who possess a unique skill set, who wish to put their talents and capabilities to use for the benefit of TAG’s client

Many companies may provide services to the government on the same contract. However, just because two companies provide the same service to the government on paper, does not mean that they provide the same level of competence, professionalism and time-tested expertise.

We recruit, assess, select and retain the best. Our ideal candidate possesses an established work background, is comfortable working in small teams and desires to work in a team-oriented and quality-focused organization.

The Ascendancy Group provides security and technical services to government and corporate entities globally. We leverage our team’s field experience, specialized skills and technology access to solve our client’s unique challenges whether domestic or overseas. We pursue projects that we are passionate about.

Quality Of Life & Relationships

We come from small team environments and have replicated all the positives associated with these environments. We have individualized and personal relationships with everyone on our team. You are not a nameless or faceless revenue generator. You are an integral member of our team. If you are made an offer to join The Ascendancy Group, it is a reciprocal offer. We will perform for and support you in the same manner you support our customers and their missions.

Benefits & Compensation

We offer industry leading salaries, benefits and total compensation package, which includes:

  • 12 Days Holiday (10 Federal plus the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve)
  • 15 Days Paid Time Off to Start
  • 401k with 4% Match (Independent of Employee Contribution) and Immediate Vesting
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Platinum Plan with Vision and Dental (100% company paid employee premium plus 50% of dependents cost paid)
  • Flexible Spending Account Option
  • Short Term / Long Term Disability and Life Insurance (100% company paid)
  • Professional Development Training Opportunities

Our lean leadership team and commitment to keeping overhead costs low, allows us to offer these employee focused benefit packages.

Ideal Team Member Qualifications:

  • Recent Experience Deployed OCONUS Conducting or Supporting Combat Operations
  • Proficiency with Compartmented or Sensitive Activities (IJSTO, SAP, ACCM, etc.) or Similarly Enhanced Security Safeguarded Programs
  • Intelligence Community
  • Military Special Operations or Special Mission Unit
  • Special or Technical Investigative Units of Federal Law Enforcement
  • C-UAS
  • Tailored Technical or Technical Surveillance Operations

Opportunity To Grow

We continue to grow organically with our current customers and consistently bring on new work in both the government and private sectors. We will remain focused on our core competencies to ensure delivery of the highest quality product to our customers. To accomplish this, we have a defined and published incentive package that provides quantified financial rewards for those seeking increasing challenges and opportunities.

Outstanding Reputation

We understand that it takes years to develop a reputation and one mistake to ruin it. We do not fill seats merely to generate revenue. Our growth is based upon our customers understanding that when they are working with Ascendancy Group personnel, they are working with the best. We cannot and will not sacrifice this hard-earned reputation for a short-term financial gain.